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Welcome to London Self Defence Academy

We are a leading provider of beginner, intermediate and advanced self-defence courses for corporate companies, private and state schools and universities including courses for ages 50+ senior self defence classes. 

With over 95 years of experience between instructors we have helped many companies and individuals to train their employees to feel safer and more confident. Living in London can be tough and dangerous, whether you are a woman, man or a teenager. Reports of female and male assault, stabbings and crime is on the rise. Our methods and programmes are practical, fast and easily applicable forms of self-defence, which will come in handy if you are faced with potential danger. This will be applicable whether it comes from one assailant or multiple attackers. We also provide 1-1or small groups and  private tuition. For more information about corporate and school bookings  contact us to make inquiry or call 07818555737. We are fully insured and all our instructors hold up to date Enhanced DBS check. Our unique methods are recognised by 2 individual UK martial art governing bodies. All documents can be supplied upon request.

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corporate self defence classes london
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self defence classes london
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Self defence is not just a set of techniques it’s a state of mind. Build your skills and develop confidence and power in our self defence courses London. Explore physical and non-physical techniques for self defence. Learn visual communication, confidence and additional skills that will help you to succeed in combat. From sensible human body work to situation analysis. Work with our instructors on variety of techniques, mindfulness including dealing with fear and aggression to enhance your expertise. We also include knife awareness and knife defence techniques. Knowing how to protect yourself is a major skill, self defence is also about prevention, learning how to set up and enforce boundaries. We are alsoo proud to present Women's self defence courses London. Where every woman can learn about defending herself against any attacker, how to get out of threatening situations and how to condition herself not to become a victim.

Our Kids self defence courses London where every child can learn, discipline, respect and necessary skills to succeed in protecting themselves from bullies or street situations. Each class is tailored to individual needs for self defence, practical techniques, mindset conditioning and confidence boost. Obviously knowing how to protect yourself is a major skill. Self defence is also about prevention. You can try and see for yourself in our women's self defence classes London. The main objective of self defence classes is to help you to achieve your training goals. Join our Male self defence courses London and learn how to defend yourself.

ondrej london self defence academy

Ondrej (Head Instructor)

2nd Dan black belt 

Ondrej has been teaching Aikido and trained in various martial arts in London such as boxing, systema, krav maga, bjj and swordplay for many years. He has the ability to transform wide range of techniques into more practical and applicable form of self defence that can be used in any situation. “Your training consists of many segments such as mindset, level of fitness, adaptability, mindfulness and practical application”

Ondrej is also a qualified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. For more information visit:

Self defence classes london Sam


Im a life long martial artist, with Aikido being my first discipline as a child. Throughout my teens I trained in a variety of combat sports including Boxing, Sambo, Wrestling, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai and MMA, amassing 10 years of combat experience. 
I also attended the Army Cadet Force for 7 years, finishing with a distinction of “Master Cadet”, which signified my elite competence in a variety of subjects including teaching, shooting, orienteering, field tactics and leadership. 

Self Defence Courses London Bysshe


1st Dan black belt

I have always loved martial arts and their horizons of possibility; there is always something new to learn. At 14, I began to study Cornish wrestling and kickboxing, and then turned to Aikido, Iaido, and Kendo. I developed a particular interest in weapons and how to defend oneself against them simply yet forcefully, which was provoked by an unpleasant altercation on the street. After years of practising these arts, I want to share the effective techniques I have learned. 

As a teenager, I captained my county football team, and played varsity rugby. I am also a specialist in English Romantic poetry.

Paige Female self defence instructor London Self Defence Academy


I have been into combat sports from a young age.

Started Fencing at the age of 10. Throughout school I have regularly trained and competed in national competitions.

Since, I taught Fencing to kids of all ages. I have always been in love with fitness and martial arts. 

I have been practicing Boxing and Muay Thai for few years now and recently took part in a fight which I won. 

I know and understand how scary it can be being a young woman in London. Which makes me so passionate about teaching effective and accessible self defence skills.

corporate self defence classes london Berengere


I was always attracted to martial arts, practical self-defence, and the simplicity and elegance of Aikido moves. It was important for me to be able to cause maximum damage with minimal effort, and mostly (being a girl who doesn't specialise in weight lifting) using my size and flexibility against a larger opponent. I love the technicality of the self-defence techniques we teach, and seeing how every moment is connected to the next one. It helped me boost my self confidence when I needed it the most. 

school self defence classes london Alex


1st Dan black belt

I have had an interest in martial arts ever since I was a little kid watching Jackie Chan movies in the 90s. I started training in Aikido 12 years ago and have also trained in weapons, gymnastics boxing and jiu-jitsu. I thoroughly enjoy teaching martial arts and self defence and sharing the knowledge that has helped me to stay safe over the years. 

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Women's self defence classes and seminars London are here to help you to stay safe. For more information about our self defence classes London book your training, call us today on +44 7818 555 737 or contact us online.

Male and mixed self defence classes and seminars London for men of any age experience and physical condition. For more information call us today on      +44 7818 555 737 or contact us online.

Corporate self defence classes London Hire us for Private corporate events self defence classes and tuition. 

+44 7818 555 737 or contact us online.

School and University self defence classes in London 

Hire us for  school self defence classes. 

+44 7818 555 737 or contact us online.

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