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Private Women's Self Defence Classes in London

Self defence training for women is just as important as it is for children and men, especially when living in a big city. We understand how challenging and frightening it can be at times for women who are placed in difficult and sometimes unexpected situations.

We understand, as we ourselves have had loved ones in situations like these and want to therefore empower all women so they don’t have to feel afraid or untrained to defend themselves against someone bigger and stronger whether female or male.

Many women on a daily basis are followed, touched inappropriately or experience some form of abuse. The office for national statistics 2023 report estimates that 1 in 4 women experienced domestic abuse in the last year. This is equivalent to an estimated 6.54 million female victims.

In London Self Defence academy we believe that well trained women can defend themselves against anyone, without any weapons, due to confidence and self belief that arise from combat training and correct mind conditioning. We want to teach these skills and help to develop inner confidence for women on their journey to self defence so that they can live a life without fear, a life where they can defend themselves at any given moment. You can join our private female classes. If budget is an issue why not sign up with a friend or a partner. We will be happy to travel to your location or a local park can be used we can also arrange a venue.

 We are also proud to offer Small groups or Corporate women self defence classes London please Contact us for more information or for bookings. Click here for more information about school self defence classes in London.


1 Session (duration one hour) £60 (Silver)


5 Session package £275 (£55 per session) (Gold)


10 Session package £500 (£50 per session) (Platinum)


Female Classes

1 Session for 2 people (£35per person per hour)

1 Session for 3 or more (£30 per person per hour)

Groups up to 6 attendee's (£25 per person per hour)

Please note a small travel cost might be added to the total price of your booking, depending on your location.

Our Packages

Our Silver level one off one hour self defence class will help you to understand the basic dangers you could be faced with. You will learn to specify potential confrontation before it takes place and you will be able to take action rather than being overwhelmed, surprised and not knowing what to do. You will learn to control strong emotions such as fear and aggression and ways you can calm yourself and the attacker down. You will also learn self defence techniques that can be applied if needed and we will also educate you on the legal aspect of self defence.

Our Golden 5 self defence sessions package will grant you a deeper access to self defence techniques. You will learn all from our silver package plus many more techniques, strikes and strategies. You will learn how to avoid grabs, how to escape headlocks, striking combinations ground techniques and much more. 


Our top level Platinum package will grant you access to all experience and knowledge you would learn in our Silver and Gold packages combined. You will get full access to out 10 lesson curriculum that contains further knowledge and techniques from Self Defence, MMA, Aikido, Boxing and  other martial arts. Including knife awareness and techniques.You will be able to mix and match your self defence techniques according to the situation you will find yourself in, combined with mindset conditioning and the legal knowledge of what you are allowed to do. 

Sessions can be booked on individual dates and times that suits you. One hour at the time or you also have the option to book 1.5 or 2 hour session at one time.  Contact us.

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