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Women's Self Defence Classes in London

At London Self Defence Academy, we believe that well-trained women can confidently defend themselves against any threat. Our combat training and mind conditioning techniques foster confidence and self-belief, empowering women to live fearlessly and defend themselves at any moment.

Join our private female self-defence classes to develop these essential skills and build inner confidence. If budget is a concern, consider signing up with a friend or partner. We are flexible with locations, offering to travel to your preferred venue, local park, or an arranged location.

We also proudly offer small group and corporate women's self-defence classes in London. For more information or to book a session, please contact us. Click here to learn more about our school self-defence classes in London.

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Why Choose Our Private Self Defence Classe?

Women's self-defense classes are designed to empower women with the skills, confidence, and knowledge necessary to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. These classes often focus on techniques that can be effectively used regardless of size or strength, emphasizing strategies to prevent confrontations, escape attacks, and defend against physical assaults. Training might include awareness of surroundings, verbal assertiveness techniques, and physical defense mechanisms.


one hour

women self defence classes london


5GOLd package 

five hours

female self defence classes london

(£65 PER session)

Two 1.5 one 2 hour class


ten hours

girls self defence classes london



Five 2 hour classesorTwo 2 hour classes and Four 1.5 hour classes


1 Session for 2 people £70 (£35 per person per hour)

1 Session for 3 or more (£30 per person per hour)

Groups up to 6 attendee's (£25 per person per hour)

women self defence classes london


Personalized Training Approach

Every individual comes with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and personal safety concerns. Our private self-defence classes allow for a bespoke training program that is tailored specifically to your personal goals, fitness level, and learning pace. This personalized approach ensures that you gain the most relevant and effective self-defence skills


Safe and Supportive Environment

Learning self-defence can be challenging and, at times, intimidating. Our private classes provide a safe and supportive environment where you can ask questions, express concerns, and practice techniques without the pressure often found in larger group settings


Flexible Scheduling

We understand that our clients lead busy lives. Our private classes offer the flexibility to schedule sessions at times that best fit your routine, making it easier to commit to your safety without compromising other obligations


Accelerated Learning and Progress:

With the focused attention of our dedicated instructors, individuals in private classes often experience accelerated learning. This means you can become proficient in self-defence techniques more quickly, providing you with the confidence and skills to protect yourself and your loved ones sooner.


Diverse Training Methods

The London Self Defence Academy prides itself on offering a wide range of self-defence techniques drawn from various martial arts disciplines. Our private classes allow instructors to select and concentrate on the methods that will be most beneficial for you, ensuring a well-rounded and effective self-defence skill set


Silver Package

Our Silver level one off one hour self defence class will help you to understand the basic dangers you could be faced with. You will learn to specify potential confrontation before it takes place and you will be able to take action rather than being overwhelmed, surprised and not knowing what to do. You will learn to control strong emotions such as fear and aggression and ways you can calm yourself and the attacker down. You will also learn self defence techniques that can be applied if needed and we will also educate you on the legal aspect of self defence.


Golden Package

Our Golden 5 self defence sessions package will grant you a deeper access to self defence techniques. You will learn all from our silver package plus many more techniques, strikes and strategies. You will learn how to avoid grabs, how to escape headlocks, striking combinations ground techniques and much more. 


Platinum Package

Our top level Platinum package will grant you access to all experience and knowledge you would learn in our Silver and Gold packages combined. You will get full access to out 10 lesson curriculum that contains further knowledge and techniques from Self Defence, MMA, Aikido, Boxing and  other martial arts. Including knife awareness and techniques.You will be able to mix and match your self defence techniques according to the situation you will find yourself in, combined with mindset conditioning and the legal knowledge of what you are allowed to do. 

Sessions can be booked on individual dates and times that suits you. One hour at the time or you also have the option to book 1.5 or 2 hour session at one time. Are our classes too expensive? Why not share the cost with your friend or couple of friends we really don't mind, the more the merrier. Contact us.

Join Us Today

Your journey toward increased self-confidence and personal safety starts here. Enrol in our Women Self Defence  in London today and take the first step toward a more secure future. Contact us now to schedule your first class or to learn more about our class schedules and affordable pricing options.
Don't leave your safety to chance. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. Join London Women Self Defence Classes today and experience the transformation self-defence training can bring to your life

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