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Private Self Defence Classes

For busy professionals who don't have the time to commit to a regular classes and would still like to take a course in self defence or may wish to go through the total self defence syllabus privately 1-1, or in a small group with friends and colleagues.

Private self defence classes are a great way to learn self defence skills quickly. Get individual attention by the instructor while learning self defence. All our instructors, are highly trained, DBS checked and fully insured. Private self defence classes can be arranged in one of our studios in London or we will be happy to travel to your location or of the weather permits a local park.

We offer 1-1 and small groups tuition for adults and kids. Find out more about Kids self defence classes. 

Find out more about Women self defence classes London. 

 Advantages of  Private self defence classes


  • Private coaching 

  • Personalised tuition tailored to your fitness level and experience

  • Faster progress and adaptation through individual attention

  • Ask any questions any time 


1. Session (duration one hour) £60 (Silver)

5. Session package £275  (£55 per session) (Gold)

10. Session package £500 (£50 per session)



1 Session for 2 people £70 (£35 per person per hour)

1 Session for 3 or more (£30 per person per hour)

Groups up to 6 attendee's (£25 per person per hour)

Book your Private Self Defence Coach. NOW!


Please note, a small travel cost might be added to the total price of your booking depending on your location.

Our Silver level one off one hour self defence class will help you to understand the basic dangers you could be faced with. You will learn to specify potential confrontation before it takes place and you will be able to take action rather than being overwhelmed, surprised and not knowing what to do. You will learn to control strong emotions such as fear and aggression and ways you can calm yourself and the attacker down.

Our Golden 5 self defence sessions package will grant you a deeper access to self defence techniques. You will learn all from our silver package plus many more techniques, strikes and strategies. You will learn how to avoid grabs, how to escape headlocks, striking combinations ground techniques and much more.

Our top level Platinum package will grant you access to all experience and knowledge you would learn in our Silver and Gold packages combined. You will get full access to out 10 lesson curriculum that contains further knowledge and techniques from Self Defence, MMA, Aikido, Boxing and  other martial arts. Including knife awareness and techniques.You will be able to mix and match your self defence techniques according to the situation you will find yourself in, combined with mindset conditioning and the legal knowledge of what you are allowed to do. 

Our Packages

Sessions can be booked on individual dates and times that suits you. One hour at the time or you also have the option to book 1.5 or 2 hour session at one time. Are our classes too expensive? Why not share the cost with your friend or couple of friends we really don't mind, the more the merrier. Contact us.

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