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School self defence classes in London 

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Knowing how to defend yourself is becoming more and more important, especially when it comes to kids and teenagers who can be faced with bullying or abuse by their classmates or on the street. Our School self defence classes London are here to help.

We should make sure that they are ready for what the world can throw at them. Knife crime is on the rise and teenagers are especially in danger of trying to prove themselves in-front of their friends and getting hurt.


Inappropriate behaviour towards girls and women are also on the rise and we should try our best to prepare them for what is potentially out there and can happen. Contact us or call 07818555737 for more information about school self defence classes in London. All our instructors hold advanced DBS check. Our training methods are recognised by 2 UK martial arts governing bodies.


All our instructors are fully insured and hold an Enhanced DBS check. We cover all school years starting with year 1 all the way to year 11 also universities.

Our unique methods are recognised by 2 individual UK martial art governing bodies. All documents can be supplied upon request.

In our opinion School self defence classes should be part or PA and every schools curriculum.

In most cases being aware is a first line of defence, combined with general awareness and mindfulness and few easy to learn techniques they will be much better equipped to face the street reality nowadays.

Through self defence we are also creating safer environment for everyone as knowing what damage one can do and can receive makes everyone more aware of trying to avoid conflicts. Our school self defence classes are here to help kids and teenagers go become more aware and confident in situations they might be facing. London self defence academy can offer school tuition for all ages. We are also proud to present conflict management system for teachers so they know how to handle conflict between students and not cross any legal rights in the situation.


Our School self defence classes London are tailored to the age of the participants we and we can also tailor our classes if you are girls or boys school only. Many news articles are now suggesting that knife crime is worse than ever and young people are in more and more danger. Teachers might be held accountable for not spotting violence between teenagers.

We understand that getting involved in this might be very scary and tricky in so many ways and we are here to support teachers and educate pupils about the dangers they fight be facing when being attacked or when instigating the attack.










Oxford teenager: 'I live in fear of knives'

Two teenagers have spoken of living in fear of knives.

The girls, from Blackbird Leys in Oxford, are all too aware how deadly weapons can be.

Afraid to walk alone in alleyways, they know how "something so simple like a knife can ruin a whole family".

London Self Defence Academy is here to teach students and school staff how to identify, avoid and prevent violence that risks severe injuries. We can help you to prepare mentally and physically, feel safer and deal with dangerous situations more confidently. Together we can help young people to feel safer and more confident in dangerous situations that they can be faced with.

school self defence classes in London
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Limited December Only Offer £265 per hour (Normally £350).

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