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London self defence academy is a leading provider of self defence classes and courses for Schools and Universities in London and surrounding areas.

We believe that every student and teacher should be aware and taught self defence skills. Due to the dangers, we are all faced in daily life on the street and in private life. Our inclusive training programmes are suited and tailored for students of all ages. Our easy and quick-to-learn techniques are highly applicable and useful and we will prepare them for most common situations and attacks including knife awareness. 

We also include mindfulness and tactical space awareness training within our self defence courses. Students can learn how to resolve and de-escalate conflicts whether they involve a group or conflict between individuals. Our classes cater to all genders and levels. Our curriculum covers conflict avoidance, fear management, and practical defence techniques. Training ranges from a quick 1-hour introduction to an extensive 30-hour Platinum Advanced Level course. 


Our School Self Defence Classes in London are thoughtfully designed to empower students with the knowledge and techniques necessary to protect themselves in any situation.



self defence classes for schools london

£275 Normally £350


Our Clients

st_benedicts Londdon self defence academy school self defence
francis holland school self defence classes london
Notting Hill and ealing high school self defence
School self defence classes
Francis holland school selfdefence london
self defence class at Bancroft's school
Kensington park school london self derence academy
university self defence classes london
Hampsted school  self defence classes for schools
Caterham school self defencce classes london
south-hampstead-high-school, school self defence classes london
St Helen's school london self defence classes for schools
The london school of economics and political science self defence classes for schools london
Blackfen school self defence classes for schools
Jags Self defgence classes for schools in london
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emanuel hight scholl self defence classes
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The  journey towards enhanced self-confidence and personal safety starts here. Join our School Self Defence classes in London today and take the first step towards a more secure future for students and teachers.

 Contact us now to schedule the first class.

Or to learn more about our class schedules and pricing options.
Don't leave the safety of your students to chance. Equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves. Join London Self Defence classes today and experience the transformation self-defence training can bring to your life.

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