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London Self Defence Seminars

In an evolving London, where incidents of violent crime, disrespect for the law, and various forms of assault are on the rise, the London Self Defence Academy stands as an industry specialist and leading provider. Offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced self-defence classes, along with specialized seminars for women, men, and children, we also extend our expertise to corporate and school/university events.

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Why Choose Our London Self Defence Seminars?

The London Self Defence Seminars are essential for empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves amid rising violent crime rates in urban areas like London. These seminars offer a comprehensive training experience, covering everything from conflict de-escalation and legal rights to practical self-defense techniques and knife awareness. They cater to all experience levels, ensuring everyone, regardless of their background or physical ability, can learn to navigate potentially dangerous situations with confidence and competence. This focus on practical, real-world scenarios prepares participants not just physically, but also mentally, to handle threats to their personal safety.

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Seminar Details


First Half

**First Half:**

- Introduction:

 - Understanding conflict and preparing for it.

 - Conflict deescalation management.

 - Focus on mindset, incorporating mindfulness and addressing fear and aggression.

- Legal Rights:

 - Understanding your legal rights and permissible tools for self-defence in the UK.

- Practical Techniques:

 - Learn 10-12 techniques demonstrated and practised in pairs to defend against common attacks.


**30 Minutes Break**


Second half

- Quick Recap from Part 1

- Knife Awareness and Defence:

 - Addressing knife crime, mental and physical preparation, and practical tips for real-life situations.

- Ground Techniques:

 - Defending yourself when on the ground.

- Striking Techniques:

 - Using your body defensively and as a striking tool.

- Striking Combos on Pads:

 - Learn effective blocking and defensive manoeuvres.

What to bring

- Water

- Comfortable Clothing



Four hour seminar price

london self defence academy seminars


Interested to joining one of our Self Defence classes? Contact us or call us on +44 7818 555 737 

Join Us Today

Your journey toward increased self-confidence and personal safety starts here. Enrol in our Self Defence Seminars in London today and take the first step toward a more secure future. Contact us now to schedule your first class or to learn more about our class schedules and affordable pricing options.
Don't leave your safety to chance. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. Join London Self Defence Seminars today and experience the transformation self-defence training can bring to your life

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