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London Self Defence Academy has developed a self defence training system that ensures consistent and outstanding training regime. We pride ourselves on our safety record, whatever your age or experience level is  we will make you feel safe and will build your confidence in techniques and your own abilities to apply them in given situations.


The self defence classes are tailored to your needs, whether you are a woman, man, teenager or a youngster. The goal behind starting the self defence classes in London is to take the martial art and self defence techniques and combine them into a comprehensive self-defence training, that develops fitness and strength and it is also enjoyable to learn. It is useful in the modern urban world.


BEGINNERS courses in our self Defence coaching are designed for new starters to learn the basics of a martial arts and its Self Defence strategies. See how London Self Defence Academy can change your life in ways you have never thought possible. Please feel free to talk with us or explore our website to find a self defence class that works best for you.


Interested to joining one of our Self Defence classes? Alternatively, you can call us on +44 7818 555 737 to arrange your FREE trial class.

Our Team


Ondrej has been teaching martial arts for many years and has the ability to transform the wide variety of techniques he has learnt, into more practical and applicable techniques depending on the situation. He is also an expert in nutrition and fitness which has given him the ability to train to a very high level. Over the years Ondrej has managed to invent his own techniques which have been added to the Self Defence Academy London syllabus.


Azu has trained in a variety of different arts and has blended them all into his training and teaching. He has worked in the security industry for many years, which has given him the opportunity to try and test many of the techniques he has learnt...

Together these two instructors offer a variety of strategies to combat all potential dangerous situations which one may face in today's society.   

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