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Corporate Self defence classes 

London self defence academy is a leading provider of self defence classes and courses for corporates in all sectors.

We believe that every employee and employer should be aware of self defence skills. We have developed special training programmes that suit any industry. Our easy and quick-to-learn techniques are highly applicable and useful and we will prepare you for most common situations and attacks including knife awareness. 

We also include mindfulness and tactical space awareness training within our self defence courses. This training will help you prevent and see potential conflicts before they happen and you will be able to leave the situation before any harm is done. In our corporate self defence classes you will learn how to resolve and de-escalate conflicts whether they involve a group, individuals, or conflict between individuals. Whether you're aiming for a fun team activity or a comprehensive training program, our classes cater to all genders of all ages and levels. Our curriculum covers conflict avoidance, fear management, and practical defence techniques. Training ranges from a quick 1-hour introduction to an extensive 30-hour Platinum Advanced Level course. 

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Join Our corporate Self Defence Classes

Corporate self-defense classes are designed to provide employees with practical self-defense skills, increase their personal safety awareness, and contribute positively to their mental and physical well-being. These classes can be an integral part of a company's wellness program, offering employees the opportunity to learn how to protect themselves in and outside of the workplace.


corporate self defence classes london

£275 (normally £350 per hour)


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corporate self defence classes london
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Elevate your team's confidence and safety with our Corporate Self Defence Classes in London. Whether you're aiming for team bonding or essential safety skills, we've got you covered. Reach out to us to discover our tailored class options and competitive pricing packages.
Don't compromise on employee safety and well-being. Equip your team with the vital skills they need to face challenges confidently. Partner with us at London Corporate Defence Training and witness the transformative impact of self-defence training on your team.

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