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London self defence academy Grading

Our grading system is based on several factors.

First Attendance: Several training sessions need to take place before you are graded to a higher belt. In order for this to happen, classes should be attended regularly so that students can experience the full syllabus that the London Self Defence Academy has to offer.

Secondly Talent: We all learn at different rates and progress with different styles of teaching. At the London Self Defence academy we try to tailor our teaching techniques to each individual student’s needs. We believe that this will help our student progress together at an equal steady rate.

Thirdly Knowledge: At the London Self Defence academy our back rounds originate from Japanese martial arts and some techniques we teach can be quite complex. A knowledge of hand and foot placements will be needed to learn certain techniques so with practise these can be learnt easily in order to help you progress.   

Grading’s can be a great form of motivation and it is always a great feeling when you achieve your next belt, but it is important that we stress that at the London Self Defence academy we are all equal, regardless of what belts we have achieved. We train as one, learn as one and progress as one.  

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